Interview by Gordon Taylor of Infectious Unease Radio

Chris Constantino is the X Bass Player of Adam and The Ants. Since Adam and the ants he has been involved in several bands. He has his own band JackiOnAcid. JackieOnAcid has released some very cool albums and singles that are thought provoking. Videos that make you really think. Lyrics that deal with sorts of subject matter. Chris a prolific artist. I discuss JackieOnAcid in this in interview with Chris

Band: JackieOnAssid
Date: 05_12_2000
Band Members:
Bands Discography:
4PLAY - enhanced CD featuring vids for Company Car, Meditation Man and also tracks Mr Sunday and Killing Time On The AngelZIP ME UP - album : Company Car, Hollywood Bedsit, Meditation Man, Mr Sunday, Kings X Guru, Andy Warhol, Cool Subterraneans, Real Fake, Posing As An Angel


Bands Snail Mail Address: PO BOX LB 751, LONDON, W1A 9LB, UK

Interviewer: Gordon Taylor of Infectious Unease Radio.

Interviewee: Chris Constantino

Date: 21.11.2000

At what Age did you take up music, what inspired you to start JackieOnAssid?

Chris Constantino:
13 years old. I got fed up of working with mad singers, and thought I would like to be the mad one for a change.

Where did you get the idea for the name of the band?

Chris Constantino:
Jackie is an old girlfriend of mine. She was really fucked up, into all sorts of weird stuff, including continual acid trips, and she was also obsessed with Jackie "o" and jfk’s assassination, she had the assassination on video and used to watch it over and over. We used to live in a cave in Islington in London UK, sort of anyway, .it was 8.mercy song. Don Covay. Jackie is it my birthday or am I dying? Jackie take off those false eye lashes, why is it my birthday?, well you know what i mean don't you. Next question please...

One of the first bands you were involved with was called " drill". Your producer and manger was Chas chandler (bass player from the animals and Jimi Hendrix's manager) could you tell me more about drill, where had you toured what albums did you release. How did you meet Chas chandler? What became of members of drill?

Chris Constantino:
We met Chas at a Slade gig. We were supporting Slade on tour. Drill members. Mick Bienvenu. The keyboard player sold all his stuff and moved to India. Tom Toomey, guitarist, sessions and teaches guitar, Will Wilson, The singer is a P.E. instructor. Ray Weston, drummer. Still plays and is pretty busy.

After "drill you became the bass player for Adam And Ants. How did you meet

Chris Constantino:
I auditioned after seeing an ad looking for a bass player who can stand and deliver.

What experience did you have when you where in Adam And Ants? Where did
you tour?

Chris Constantino:
The never-ending global blow job for free. The "bobbing head " as mike calls it, no need for toilet paper when doing well. As you have plenty of ass lickers, free drinks, free memberships, free drugs, free guitars, ceaseless upgrades posh totty, roadies. We toured mostly the USA. However we did play in the Uk and some dates in Europe.

What music shows did you appear on?

Chris Constantino:
Top of the pops, live aid, solid gold, American bandstand, Saturday night live etc.

What was one of the funniest experiences you had while you where in Adam and the ants?

Chris Constantino:
I fell asleep on a wall in Nassau / Bahamas /compass point studios and My cock and balls were hanging out the side of my shorts...some of the Guys took a Polaroid, I didn't know, I was in a gym in Florida Working out and the girl who was on reception said that she had a Message for me and presented me with a poster of me and my meat and Veg hanging out, with a slogan saying "has anyone seen this pervert?”The guy who had given it to her said that the posters were up all over The hotel...

Coming off stage the wrong side after a concert. House lights going Up falling out of a stage door into some deep snow, got locked out And had to walk around to the front of the venue through all the fans in My ridiculous gear and make up...and try and convince the bouncers that I was in the band and not a fan, and to let me in.

Are you still in contact with them?

Chris Constantino:

After Adam and the ants and before you started JackieOnAssid what other projects had you been involved in?

Chris Constantino:
sfgo, with bob from Adam ant and Danny Kustowe from the Tom Robinson band, Annebella Lwin (ex Bow Wow) and loads of session stuff.

What instruments and equipment do you use when producing and performing?

Chris Constantino:
Fender precision bass gt / fender Telecaster guitars / voice / Tascam 4 track / Ampeg svt / Fender twin amp / heart and cock....

What creative process do you go through when composing your music?

Chris Constantino:
Well I just write down what ever is going on, mostly rants, drunken rants. Sober rants, you know loads of scraps of paper,(psion now), and then just get on with it.

In your compositions you talk about many themes what is it about these subjects that inspires you to writer about them?

Chris Constantino:
My sickness

What was the inspiration behind such songs as “Hollywood Bedsit”, “Company Car”, “Zip Me Up, Mr Sunday, “Meditation Man”, “Andy Warhol”.

Chris Constantino:
All totally different inspirations.

Do books or movies or plays influence you?

Chris Constantino:
I am influenced by everything, as we all are, unless you are dead or on smack.

When you get the time what music do you enjoy listening to?

Chris Constantino:
Charlie Mingus, Hank William's, Ska, Reggae...

Your music has many styles of sound. To people who may not of heard of "JackieOnAssid" how would of you describe your sound to them?

Chris Constantino:
Eclectic and disturbing haha! It has been described as dark pop-happy decadent songs with savagely intelligent lyrics. Put it this way JackieOnAssid will appeal to anyone who has a healthy dislike of boy bands and pop fodder. We have a very sexy sound, JackieOnAssid is an alternative band for consenting adults.

What has the response been like for your music?
In 18 months we have only had one iffy review. Everyone else has loved the music. I think people are really bored of being fed a diet of bland, manufactured garbage.

Here is a little of what has been said about JackieOnAcid:

"An irresistible blend of intelligent lyrics, sultry, erotic vocals and raunchy slick grooves. Hard driving rhythm guitar & warm reckless harmonies abound. If you like your hard-edged rock boisterous and playful, soaked in kinky rhythms, you'll love the powerful sonic force that is JackieOnAssid! "

This is an awesome awesome song! You won't want to miss it!" On company car

"U.K. act is like a brooding pissed-off neighbor, slightly mysterious, rather moody and impossible to ignore "

"Brit. darlings looking very fashionable"

"Alternative pop at its best ... this band is tight!"

I was impressed with the album's artwork and also the artwork for the JackieOnAssid web pages. Who designed the artwork for both and what mediums and methods were used to produce the work?

Chris Constantino:
The design is a collaborative effort between myself, my P.A Deborah and Tulio Campregher, he is a genius, and a great bloke. Deb and I usually come up with a few ideas and then Tulio develops them and turns them into a reality.

How did you meet Paul Hills what is he like to work with?

Chris Constantino:
I was acting in a film called "play dead" which Paul was producing and we stayed friends. He is insane to work with, passionate, committed, creative and warped. You never know what is going to happen next, he gets in everyone's face and we usually get into some kind of trouble.

Your music videos have an art house style about them. Some have scenes of bondage, erotica, urban surroundings, arson, psychopaths what was the inspiration behind these images?

Chris Constantino:
Strangely everyone who becomes associated with the band seems to have a liking for kinky sex and a murky and mysterious past, but most of the images come from the disturbed mind of Mr Hills. Most pop promos depict an idyllic and stylishly hip milieu, but in our videos we have tried to lift the lid on the stranger side of life, a fascinating, darker, less controllable, more dangerous world where anything could happen.

What filming techniques did you use to produce your music videos?

Chris Constantino:
Most of them were shot on super-8. In some we went out on to the streets, set up situations and filmed people's reactions, as we did with the arson scenes in zip me up. We don't use actors or models, all the people in the videos, other than "the guilty” i.e. passers-by, are either friends or associated with the band and are pretty much playing themselves. As I said, JackieOnAcid seems to attract the strange and interesting.

How long do the videos take to produce?

Chris Constantino:
Usually they take around 3 weeks but on occasion the post-production has been a little tortuous.

What sort reaction have you had from your videos?

Chris Constantino:
People either love them or freak out. We have even been attacked a couple of times while filming. Burning the books in zip me up upset this bloke to the point that he offered to beat Paul up. There is a scene in meditation man where you get a brief glimpse of a part of Buddha's anatomy, which is not usually seen, and that had to be snipped for one of the u.s. releases. There is one more video, for kings x guru, which we haven't released yet, and which is so pornographic that it will probably be banned (grin!).

Do you think in the future that you could be producing films?

Chris Constantino:
I produced the videos but I don’t think I will produce films, but you never know...

How did come across your work?

Chris Constantino:
I can't remember.

Where have you toured, are you planning any up and coming tours?

Chris Constantino:
JackieOnAssid must be the only band in the world to have had the amount of success we have had without ever playing live. We are planning a tour of the states for early next year and I am really looking forward to gigging.

When you have a performance what goes through your mind when you are on
that stage. What is it that you feel? What sort of emotions do you go through when the eyes of the audience are on you?

Chris Constantino:
Madness, .all sorts of stuff that I would probably be locked up for if I told I love it.

What memorable experiences have you had when touring?

Chris Constantino:
Someone getting shot dead at a gig...a girl in the audience masturbating at the front

In which countries do you receive the most response from?

Chris Constantino:
Initially the biggest response came from the states, but now it is pretty global. Jackie is getting airplay all over the place.

What are your future plans?

Chris Constantino:
Plans are gods idea of a joke... today...the plan is to get my ass safely of this plane and back in good old blighty. I hope he does not have any other ideas...