Chantelle + Shane

Written by Gordon Taylor of Infectious Unease Radio

Rim 60 are two piece band from Melbourne Victoria Australia. I remember the first time I saw them. Their energy and power on stage blew me away with the pleasure of excitement. Their lyrics would echo in my head. They played tight and hard and they were totally together, there vocals express wonderful images. Naturally, I wanted to play their music on Infectious Unease Radio. Rim 60 are a band to look out for and they are ready and willing to deliver their energy of music to all those that will listen with open minds. Here they are, so enjoy.


Band Members: Chantelle + Shane

Band Discography: CD-R Promo (self titled)




Interviewees: Chantelle+Shane

Date: April 9, 2004

At What age did you take up music, what inspired you, and how did RIM 60 meet and begin?

Shane: 13. I was forced to take keyboard lessons. I hated music until I discovered the ability to write original material and never looked back.

Chantelle: I was inspired by musical friends and family from an early age. We met in 1997 over a beer and discovered our musical compatibility a few years and a few beers later.

What previous bands have you been involved in? What styles of music did you play in those bands?

Shane: I sang in a couple of ‘Alternative Rock’ bands of no particular notoriety. I left through boredom and lack of originality and landed here.

Chantelle: I lived in a warehouse in Richmond from an early age, which had a huge band room. So I lived and jammed with a plethora of varied musicians.

What instruments and equipment do you use when producing and performing your music?
Chantelle + Shane: Magicians never divulge their secrets. Come to a show and see for yourself!

What creative process do you go through when composing your music?
Chantelle + Shane: Our songs usually come from a rhythmic idea or a certain sample from our gear and the finished product is an extension of that one element.

You have songs that express emotion. What inspires you to write such lyrics for the music?
Chantelle + Shane: The lyrics are usually a reflection of an emotion at that particular time. Essentially they are quite introverted.

What was the inspiration behind the songs Another Nation, Fate, and Whip?
Chantelle + Shane: As above, but thanks for naming the tracks!

When you get the time, what music do you enjoy listening to?
Chantelle + Shane: Anything cutting edge, original. It doesn’t really matter what genre, it just needs to do something to make you feel that it deserves your attention.

Your music has many styles of sound. To people who may not have heard RIM 60, how would you describe your sound to them?
Chantelle + Shane: Morphing Electronic/Industrial/Darkwave/80’s Computer game sounds.

What do you think of the subculture in Melbourne, Australia?
Chantelle + Shane: There is a lot of amazing talent here, but the scene is too small to provide the dedicated support the artists deserve. This is why most look overseas.

How has the response been for your promo CDs?
Chantelle + Shane: Great feedback and enthusiasm. It’s very encouraging.

How long did it take to produce them?
Chantelle + Shane: Two half days, or six weeks, depending on your drug intake! (Or which part of the answer you choose to believe…)

Are you planning any up and coming tours?
C: We are planning to tour the east coast of Australia later this year, so the scene in Brisbane and Sydney can see what we’re up to in Melbourne.

Which bands have you performed with?
Chantelle + Shane: Tankt, Cinematica, Sobriquet, SubSonic Symphonee, Dandelion Wine, BasticH, TDM, assorted DJ’s (including DJ Infectious!) and many more…

What gigs did you enjoy the most and what was the audience response?
Chantelle: Playing with Tankt in Melbourne. Great guys that play great music.
Shane: We are always happy with our audience response, the most surprising being when we were approached after playing one song during sound check – maybe they were drunk…!

Have there been any gigs, which you have not enjoyed so much?
Shane: Yes. When the St Kilda Inn was swarming with yuppies. Grrrr.
Chantelle: A long story, but you get the picture…

Is there anything special incorporated within your performances?
Chantelle: Lighting, animated backdrops and lots of energy!

When you have a performance, what goes through your mind on stage? What is it that you feel? What sort of emotions do you go through when the eyes of the audience are on you?
Chantelle: Adrenalin. Pure and simple.

What memorable experiences have you had being in RIM 60?
Shane: Many.
Chantelle: Playing live with my SG (Gibson Guitar).

Do you have any funny or interesting experiences you would like to talk about?
Shane: A man walks into a bar….

In which countries do you receive the most response?
Chantelle: Australia (unless The Isle of Man doesn’t have email, then we couldn’t be sure!)

What are your future plans?
Shane: To have an official overseas release.
Chantelle: To tour internationally.

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers out there?
Shane: If you read this far without skipping any, thank you.
Chantelle: To everyone who helped us get this far, thank you. To everyone that stood in the way – fuck you.